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    Steps to Enrollment

    The admission process starts with registration. We have a very informal process that is interactive and involves a brief session with the parents and child. Find the “Enrol Now” button on right sight or scrolling down to the end of the page and register by filling in the details required. After registration, you will be informed about the date for the admission entrance exam.

    We need the following original documents.

    With the completion of step 3 and the verification of the documents, the admission procedure is complete and your ward is ready to attend the best school in Hyderabad. A point to be noted here is that the registration fee is non-refundable. 

    For further queries regarding the admission procedure, you may contact the school admin/PR team.


    1. – To enter kindergarten in the 2023 – 2024 school year, your child must be 4.5 years old on or before 1 June.
    2. – Please bring a copy of birth certificate.

    Our Curriculum and Pedagogy

    Principles of Early Years Foundation Stage

    The Early Years Program at Mahara, the best preschool in Hyderabad is based on four important principles of EYFS that essentially guide the pedagogy at our school.

    A Unique Child

    Every child is a unique child, who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.

    Positive Relationships

    Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships in their social settings.

    Enabling Environments

    When children are in a safe, secure and enabling environment they learn better and thrive with the opportunities provided to them by the facilitators and caregivers.

    Learning and Development

    Every child has different learning needs and development stages. Special care has been taken to cater to every child’s learning and development.

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