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Kindergarten I

Kindergarten I (3.5 - 4.5 Years)

Tap into the World of Unlimited Learning

The curious children at this age, enjoy a greater variety of experiences and more small-motor activities such as using a pair of scissors, doing artwork, playing with manipulative objects like puzzles, and cooking. They are more able to concentrate and remember as well as recognise objects by shape, colour, or size. Four-year-olds are developing an understanding of basic mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills.

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Skills That Children Will Learn

Explore, Experience and Expand!

At Mahara International Pre-School and Day Care, the best kindergarten in Hyderabad, we encourage curiosities in children that lead to lifelong learning experiences. We encourage positive and meaningful interactions and discoveries in young learners.

Best Kindergarten in Hyderabad

Focus Area

Social Skills, Sensorial Exploration, Inquiry, Investigation and Global Sutainability, Cognitive

Best Kindergarten in Hyderabad

Skill Area

Mindfullness, Sensorial, Inquiry, Language Skills,Environmental and emotional Skills with Ethics, H.O.T. (Higher order thinking), Observation.

Best Kindergarten in Hyderabad

Academic Interventions

Literacy, Numeration, Understanding the World, Enabling Environments, Art & Expression, Global Sustainability

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