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Kindergarten II

Kindergarten II (4.5 - 5.5 Years)

We Place A Child At The Center of Learning Process

This level prepares a learner to get habituated to real-life experiences and be a play scholar with essential Habits of Mind. Five-year-olds are developing an interest in the community and the world outside their own, and enjoy special events and trips. Mahara International Pre-School and Day Care is a trusted Kindergarten franchise in Hyderabad and a trusted choice for parents.

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Skills That Children Will Learn

Real Life Experiences That Lead To Learning

At this level of learning the children demonstrate considerable verbal ability, and develop concepts and problem-solving skills based on these experiences. The child, after completing this level, is ready to start Primary Schooling.

Best Kindergarten in Hyderabad

Focus Area

Social Skills, Sensorial Exploration, Inquiry, Investigation and Global Sustainability, Cognitive

Best Kindergarten in Hyderabad

Skill Area

Mindfulness, Sensorial, Inquiry, Language Skills,Environmental and emotional Skills with Ethics, H.O.T. (Higher order thinking), Observation.

Best Kindergarten in Hyderabad

Academic Interventions

Literacy, Numeration, Understanding the World, Enabling Environments, Art & Expression, Global Sustainability

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