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Pre-nursery (1.5-2.5 Years)

Experience the Magic of New Beginnings

At this learning level, children need to fall in love with learning and the environment around them, which includes people. Mahara International Pre-School and Day Care, the best pre-nursery school in Hyderabad, helps children to explore the world around them and get them to love themselves, the people around them and get accustomed to the new learning space. They need simple books, pictures, puzzles, music, and time and space for active play such as jumping, running, and dancing.

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Skills that children will learn

Child-friendly Environment that fosters a Love for Learning!

Toddlers learn by experiencing the environment through their senses (senses, hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling), by physically moving around, and by being among socially responsive adults.

Best Kindergarten in Hyderabad

Focus Area

Investigation, Exploration, Enquiry, Personal, Social & Emotional skills development, Cognitive.

Best Kindergarten in Hyderabad

Skill Area

Language, Manipulatives, Creativity, Curiosity and Understanding the World

Best Kindergarten in Hyderabad

Academic Interventions

Language and Communication, Manipulatives and Numeracy, Thematic Intervention, Experiential Learning, Solitary and Group Play, Global Sustainability, Arts, Storytelling, Music, Yoga

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