Mahara’s Halloween Bash

Mahara's Halloween Bash was celebrated on the evening of 30th October 2021 with some spooktacular games like Feed the Monster & Capture the Witch.

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Children's Day

Children’s day was celebrated with a lot of fun activities on the 12th of November. Children came dressed in their party clothes and the day was focused on children and their enjoyment.

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Sing Along with Mahara

Sing-Along with Mahara was an exciting fun-filled morning that began with a DIY sound shaker activity. After which children had a great time moving to the beats and singing along to energetic cheerful children’s songs like...

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International Dot Day

International Dot Day is celebrated on September 15th. It is a day meant to encourage students to be creative, curious, and brave. Our Preschoolers had a great time celebrating and making their mark! We created a bundle of activities that includes...

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